Mobile Museum Program of National Museum, Botswana at Ditshegwane Village (Study Tour visit, 1995) CAM workshop delegates in Guyana with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, The Honourable Gail Texeira, 1999 Delegate display at GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997 Tswaing Crater, South Africa, 1995 Jennifer Wishart (left), Emmanuel Arinze, Jenny Daly at Museum of African Art, Georgetown, Guyana CAM delegates at the Tswaing Crater Interpretation Centre, South Africa, 1995 Children's dance troupe, Ditshegwane Village, 1995 Charity Namukoko Salasini, Zambia with child guest, GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997

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Table of Contents

Title Author Date Location
Connecting with Community Wendy Aitkens 2011 Oxford
Values and Subjects for Educational Programs in African Museums: Model Programs in Crafts, Debates & Essay Competitions, Drama, Exhibitions, and Tours General Conference Outcome 2012 Calabar
The Role of the Museum at Times Like This Professor Tunde Babawale 2012 Calabar
A Keynote Address by the Director General, National Commission for Museums and Monuments Nigeria, to the GCAM Workshop, Calibar, Nigeria Mallam Yusuf Abdallah Usman 2012 Calabar
Speech Delivered to the Group for Children in African Museums (GCAM/Workshop) in Calibar, Nigeria Nnamabia Arinze 2012 Calabar
Indian museum: A story of decay 2012-May-18 India
Managing Community Projects:TARA and the Abusaba Community Peace Museum Gladys Nyasuna-Wanga and Gorlia K. Brona with introduction by Terry Little and forward by Alain Godonou 2010 TARA (Kenya)
Multicultural Museum Programming in Singapore and the Politics of Inclusion Cai Yunci & John Teo 2011 Singapore
The Proactive Museum Kate Vusoniwailala 2011 Singapore
I Tabagone E Aotearoa: Pacific Youths in New Zealand: Museum initiatives to reach our Youth Tarisi Vunidilo 2011 Singapore
Engaging and Connecting with Singapore’s Children and Youth Shaun Phua 2011 Singapore
Malu Minar: Art of the Torres Strait Rediscovering culture through contemporary art Paul Brinkman 2011 Singapore
Enhancing Social Economic Development: The Museums of Malawi Case Study Michael Gondwe 2011 Singapore
"We gather to reconcile No longer captives of the past": Murder, missionaries and reconciliation Carol E. Mayer 2011 Singapore
Heritage under Siege from Climate Change: Lessons from the Past on Coping with Disasters for Philippine Museums, Archives and Libraries Ana Maria Theresa 2011 Singapore
Southeast Asian Collections in Peril: Managing Risks from Climate Change (CollAsia Panel) Museums and their Roles in Engaging the Youth for Conserving Heritage from Climate Change Kevin Charles Kettle 2011 Singapore
Connecting Art Exhibitions to Youth Ken Hall 2011 Singapore
Museums’ role in reviving and promoting Papua New Guinea-Highlands hausman (men’s house) hausmeri (women’s house) Sam Sirox Kari 2011 Singapore
Exhibitions that excite! What young visitors want to do in museums Karen Chin 2011 Singapore
Trading in Tradition: The Development of Cultural Villages in Namibia Dr. Jeremy Silvester 2011 Singapore
Pacific Youth Cultural Reconnection Project Frank Howarth and Dion Peita 2011 Singapore
The Roles of Museums and Cultural Centres in Educating the Public about the Effects of Climate Change Tony Heorake 2011 Singapore
Heritage as a Means for Social and Economic Development in Nunavut Ericka Chemko 2011 Singapore
Role of Museums to promote and preserve Intangible cultural heritage in the Indian Context Shashi Bala 2011 Singapore
CAM Singapore Opening Address — THE CAM Triennial Symposium: Culture, Economy, Climate Change and Youth 2011 Martin Segger 2011-May Singapore
Address by President of the UNESCO General Conference to the CAM Triennial Dr. Davidson L. Hepburn 2011-May Singapore
The Role Played by Museums in the Protection of People with Albinism in Tanzania Lucina D. Shayo 2010-Dec Tanzania
The Changing Role of Museums Paul Tichmann 2009-Oct-29 Stanger
Communications and Community: How museums can effect change through inclusion and outreach Patricia Allan 2010-jun-05 Mumbai
A common wealth of culture: Reflections on the fourth Group for Children in African Museums workshop Laura Gibson 2009-Oct-29 Stanger
Rethinking Museums : the emerging face of story-telling museums Saroj Ghose 2010-jun-05 Mumbai
Official Welcome Ms Sibongile Masuku Van Damme 2009-Oct-29 Stanger
Promoting the Luthuli Legacy through Culture: A Case study of the Luthuli
Museum’s Educational Programmes for Children, Youth and Community
Paul Tichman and Thulani Tusi 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Group for Children in African Museums Stanger Declaration CAM 2009-oct-29 Stanger
The Role of Traditional Children Games Within the Context of Intangible Heritage Catherine Snel 2009-oct-29 Stanger
CHDA Island Youth Development Programme Peter Dennis Okwaro 2009-oct-29 Stanger
The Museum as an Instrument for Engendering Tolerance and Understanding Among
Children of Different Tribes in Nigeria
Margaret Okonkwo 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Children and Learning in the Museum: The Challenge of Reaching Out to Many Henry A. Muloongo 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Children and Culture: A Case Study of ‘Re-living Folklore of Zambian Communities
Through Storytelling’
Yvonne Ruwe Mulala 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Enhancing Effectiveness in Cultural Public Programming for Children and the
Youth: A Case Study of the National Museums of Kenya.
David Mbuthia 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Culture, Children & Youth Development: a Case Study of the National Museum Lagos and the Yeti Initiative Louisa Nnenna Onuoha 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Using Culture for the Development of Children and Youth: the Museums of Malawi Experience Mike Gondwe 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Making Culture Mobile: A Case Study of an Outreach Project by the Iziko Museums of Cape
Laura Kate Gibson 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Using African Value-based Programmes as Alternative Frameworks for the
Modification of the Values, Attitudes and Behaviour of Nigerian Children: the
CBAAC Initiative
Gloria Chuma-Ibe 2009-oct-29 Stanger
A Children's Arts Contest Organized by the Gambia National Museum and Taiwan Embassy, Banjul, the Gambia Hassoum Ceesay 2009-oct-29 Stanger
Museums and the Sacred: Engaging with the "Other" Martin Segger 2008-jun-24 Cape Town
Commonwealth Association of Museums CAM General Programme and Meeting 2008-apr-22 Georgetown, Guyana
Commonwealth Association of Museums Annual General Assembly Including Eleventh Elections 2008-apr-22 Georgetown, Guyana
Commonwealth Association of Museums Distance Course First Consultations CAM Guyana Conference Meeting 2008-apr-21 Guyana
The International Slavery Museum: 07 and Beyond  go to the slide page Richard Benjamin 2008-apr-19 Guyana
A Living Space for Biodiversity Conservation and Development go to slides Raquel Thomas 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Putting Culture First Mark Nowottony 2008 London
Relics of the Past or Tools for the Future Lois Irvine 2008-jan-02 Guyana
Reinventing the Profession Martin Segger 2007-aug Vienna
Capturing Cultural Value John Holden 2004 London
Constructing Knowledge and Building Peace Robert Dalton 2008 Victoria
What Does 'Peace' Mean to Me? Robert Dalton 2007 Victoria
The Role of the Museum in Society Emmanuel N. Arinze 1999-may-17 Guyana
Building on a Heritage of Struggle: Museums and Monuments for a Democratic South Africa Gordon Metz 1999-may-15 Barbados
Democratic Governance and Sustainable Peace and Stability in Nigeria Elo Amucheazi 1999-may-15 Barbados
Government and the Arts in South Africa Doreen Nteta 1995-may-01 Barbados
Creating Peace Through the Promotion of Intercultural Understanding and Tolerance: The Role of Museums. Mubiana Luhila 1999-may-12 Barbados
Museums and Good Governance: The Case of the Mobile Museum Service in Botswana Nakiso Kubanji 1999-may-06 Barbados
Museum, Democracy and Peace: A Conceptual Approach to Museum Operation Rodney J. Reynolds 1999-may-07 Barbados
Museums, Peace, Democracy and Governance in the 21st Century Sir Shridath Ramphal 1999-may-08 Barbados
The Museum as a Social Enterprise: The National Gallery of Australia Anne McDonald 1999-may-08 Barbados
Museums and Divided Society: A Northern Irish Case Study Dermot Francis 1999-may-12 Barbados
Reconciling the Museum With Its Stakeholders: Mutare Museum's Challenge Ivan Murambiwa 1999-may-09 Barbados
The Role of Museums in Building a Peaceful Society James Maikweki & George O. Abungu 1999-may-07 Barbados
UNESCO and the Culture of Peace: Towards a Global Movement for Peace and Non Violence Leslie G. Atherley 1999-jun-05 Barbados
Introduction to the Theme: Museums, Peace, Democracy and Governance in the 21st Century Lois Irvine 1999-may-07 Barbados
"Museology of Reconciliation": Theme of the Revived Dubrovnik Course Organized by the University of Victoria (Canada) and Zagreb (Croatia) Martin Segger 1999-may-05 Barbados
How Caribbean Museums are Dealing with Diversity Hazel Brookes 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Respect and Understanding Engaging Creative Diversity: The Caribbean Experience Rex Nettleford 2008-apr-17 Guyana
The Museum as the Conscience of Power Duncan Ferguson Cameron 1999-may-05 Barbados
The Role of Museums, Heritage & Cultural Centers in Nunavut, Canada Go to the slides Catherine C. Cole 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Democratization of Museums in Post-Apartheid South Africa: A Case Study of Three Museums in South Africa Luvuyo Mthimkhulu Dondolo 2008-apr-19 Guyana
The Museums of Malawi and Diversity: A Case Study, "Safeguarding Traditions" Joint Project  go to the slide page Mike Gondwe 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Connecting People With Nature: Innovative Approaches by Canada's National Museum  go to the slide page Mark Graham 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Living Museums in the Service of Contemporary Society Frank Anthony 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Biodiversity Conservation is Everyone's Business: The Future Role of Any Museum  go to the slide page Christine F. Ngereza 2008-apr-19 Guyana
The Role of National Museums of Kenya in the Wake of Post Election Violence: Lessons Learnt  go to the slide page Freda Nkirote 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Promotion of Intangible Heritage In the Conservation of Nature at the Livingstone Museum, Zambia  go to the slide page Terry Nyambe 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Museums and Pluralistic Societies: Dealing with Differences in the Societies We Live In and Interact With - A Case Study of the Museum and House of Culture, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania Lucina D. Shayo 2008-apr-19 Guyana
Uncharted Territory: A Review of the Literature on Professional Competencies for Socially Engaged Practice in Museum Joy Davis 2008-jun-01 Victoria
Tyrol Cot Museum and Heritage Village: Private Home and National Symbol Penelope Hynam Roach 1999-may-05 Barbados
Peace, Democracy and Good Governance: The Role of the Modern Commonwealth Terence R. Dormer 1999-may-05 Barbados
Museums, Democracy and Governance in the 21st Century Patrick Y. Bulenzi 1999-may-05 Barbados
The Global Role of Museums in the Development of Civil Society: The Role of CAM Martin Segger 2009-mar-26 Toronto
A Global Perspective: Museums in the Development of Civil Societygo to the slides Barbara Winters 2009-mar-26 Toronto
The Dutch Heritage Museum of the Guyana National Trust go to slides Lloyd Kandasammy 2009-mar-26 Toronto
The Preservation of Indigenous Cultures in the Solomon Islands and Nunavut. Catherine C. Cole 2009-mar-26 Toronto
Museums and the Promotion of Peaceful Coexistance and Democratic Governance: Challenges for the 21st Century. Uzma C. Nwosa 1999-may-05 Barbados
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