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CAM Bulletin Number 6 - Feb. 2000

Africom Report: Africom for the New Millennium

Between 3-9 October 1999, African museum professionals met in Lusaka, Zambia, under the auspices of ICOM, to deliberate and chart a new course for museums in Africa. The outcome of the conference was the formation of the International Council of African Museums (AFRICOM) whose mission "shall be to develop museum policies and networking on a continental and regional level, focusing on the cohesion of cultures beyond geographical and linguistic barriers".

AFRICOM has the following objectives:

  1. promote the development of museums and museum-related institutions in Africa in the context of global development
  2. promote the development of professions on which museum activities are built
  3. strengthen the collaboration and co-operation among museums and museum professionals in Africa, and develop exchanges with museum professionals abroad
  4. promote the participation of all components of the society in the protection and enhancement of cultural and natural heritage
  5. fight the illicit traffic of African heritage
  6. establish and maintain an autonomous institution to achieve these objectives

Kenya was elected to house the Secretariat of AFRICOM. An Executive Board of President, Treasurer, and representatives of the six regions of Africa was elected with Madame Shaje'a Tshiluila of the Democratic Republic of Congo as the President.

Participants came from 39 African countries while other agencies such as UNESCO, CAM, ICCROM, SIDA, NORAD and UBUNTU among others also attended the conference. The President of CAM participated and made a presentation on the training activities of CAM.

I took advantage of the conference to visit the National Museum in Lusaka where I met our amiable and active Charity Namukoko Salasini who took me on a grand tour of her Children' s Corner in her museum. I was very impressed with the innovativeness of the Children's Corner and the active participation of children in the various activities of the museum. From what I saw, I am convinced that there is hope for GCAM in Lusaka. Keep flying high Charity!

I hope that CAM and AFRICOM will work together and collaborate on activities in Africa especially in the GCAM Programme. We wish AFRICOM success as it comes on board the museum family in Africa.

Emmanuel N. Arinze,