Mobile Museum Program of National Museum, Botswana at Ditshegwane Village (Study Tour visit, 1995) CAM workshop delegates in Guyana with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, The Honourable Gail Texeira, 1999 Delegate display at GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997 Tswaing Crater, South Africa, 1995 Jennifer Wishart (left), Emmanuel Arinze, Jenny Daly at Museum of African Art, Georgetown, Guyana CAM delegates at the Tswaing Crater Interpretation Centre, South Africa, 1995 Children's dance troupe, Ditshegwane Village, 1995 Charity Namukoko Salasini, Zambia with child guest, GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997
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CAM Bulletin Number 5 - Dec. 1998

CAM Honours Museum Colleagues

The Executive Council of CAM has decided to honour and recognize eminent citizens of the Commonwealth who have contributed to the growth and development of museums in their home countries and internationally. A special group of honorary members called The Cowrie Circle has been established to pay tribute to our distinguished museum colleagues.

It is our stated expectation in doing so that CAM will have the continuing support, encouragement and leadership of our honorary members. While their contribution may be made quietly, we also welcome their strong participation and, from time to time, will call on them to be active advocates on our behalf, for example as a speaker or writer, a representative or facilitator in contacting governments, funding agencies or senior museum colleagues.

The group of Honorary Members will be kept small. The Executive has selected a number of individuals this first time and will carefully consider nominees from the entire membership in future. Criteria include substantial contributions to our Association, to the national and international museum communities, demonstrated leadership characteristics and willingness to support the association by word and deed. CAM membership is not a prerequisite but will be a positive factor in the selection process.

Our Patrons, Sir Shridath Ramphal, former Secretary General of the Commonwealth, and Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa, will serve us well as continuing inspirations towards higher achievement. We anticipate our Cowrie Circle members will join them in providing leadership within CAM and in the museum world.

Dr. Ekpo Eyo, Nigeria, Richard Nunoo, Ghana, Dr. Richard Leakey, Kenya, Sadashiv Gorakshkar, India, Desmond Nicholson, Antigua, Patricia MacDonald, Australia, Duncan Cameron, Canada, and Mwimanji Chellah, Zambia, have accepted this honour. Keith Thomson of New Zealand and Denis Williams of Guyana are both members (deceased) but were aware and accepted the honour before their untimely passing. Biographical profiles on Cowrie Circle members will be done over the next several Bulletins.

We welcome the Cowrie Circle members in celebration of our first 25 years. They will help to keep us strong for the next 25 years!