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CAM Bulletin Number 3 - Oct. 1997

ICOM '98

ICOM's 18th general conference will be held in Melbourne, Australia from October 9 to 17, 1998. It promises to be a well-organized and comfortable location. The climate is usually pleasant at that time of year and the conference venue is the World Congress Centre which will allow all concurrent sessions of international committees to take place in the same building. Hotels in various price ranges are located within reasonable distances from the meeting site. The theme of this international gathering is Museums & Cultural Diversity - Ancient Cultures, New Worlds.

CAM PLANS A MEMBERS' DINNER on Wednesday evening, October 14, so please keep your evening for that event. There will be other social events and ICOM does not include those planned by individual groups in the general program. There is a place to tick off CAM membership on the registration form so we will hope to notify you again individually before ICOM.

If there are a sufficient number of members and recruits for CAM, we may also arrange a more formal meeting if it is feasible.


Post-ICOM Event

One of our Australian members, Monica Leahy from Adelaide, has offered to arrange a short post-conference excursion for CAM members if there is enough interest.

Earlier this year she participated in a study tour with the Adnyamathanha people (an Aboriginal group) of Hinders Ranges in South Australia.

Adelaide would be the start point for a similar event of five days which could cost about $300 inclusive of meals, accommodation, educational reading material and Aboriginal guides, depending on numbers. Transport to Adelaide would be a maximum of approx. $300 in addition and could be available for less if there are special rates. This tour would be an exceptional and unique opportunity to explore the conference theme in a practical way.

Please indicate interest in this possibility to the Secretariat or to Monica at the Migration Museum in Adelaide, Australia. Tel: 61-8-207-7570; Fax: 61-8-207-7591 and e-mail: