Mobile Museum Program of National Museum, Botswana at Ditshegwane Village (Study Tour visit, 1995) CAM workshop delegates in Guyana with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, The Honourable Gail Texeira, 1999 Delegate display at GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997 Tswaing Crater, South Africa, 1995 Jennifer Wishart (left), Emmanuel Arinze, Jenny Daly at Museum of African Art, Georgetown, Guyana CAM delegates at the Tswaing Crater Interpretation Centre, South Africa, 1995 Children's dance troupe, Ditshegwane Village, 1995 Charity Namukoko Salasini, Zambia with child guest, GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997
Bulletin Number 2 - Feb. 1996
The President's Column
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CAM Bulletin Number 2 - Feb. 1996

The President's Column

Welcome to the President's Column!

I send my greetings to all CAM members throughout the Commonwealth.

In September 1995, we held a very successful and uniquely rewarding conference, a Study Tour and Outreach Programme in Botswana and South Africa. Our 1995 conference was unique for two reasons, first, CAM met in Africa for the first time since its formation in 1974 and secondly, South Africa was not only re-admitted into the international museum family, but also had the opportunity of hosting a group of museum experts and professionals from CAM for the first time in close to thirty years.

I congratulate and thank all our members who worked so hard to ensure that we had a successful Triennial.

In my acceptance speech as President, I pledged to give service to CAM with commitment, dedication and vision. Since Botswana, I have been working with the Executive Council to fashion a Plan of Action for the next three years, and lay a sound foundation that will lead CAM into the year 2000.

Consequently we have evolved the following program:

To achieve these goals, we need the support of all our members whose experience and expertise will enrich all of our activities. The Commonwealth is one family that has the greatest blend of the best cultures in the world and CAM as an organization has the singular advantage of harnessing these cultures and projecting them for the benefit of humanity.

We are planning a major international workshop on Children in African Museums proposed for Nairobi, Kenya in 1997 as one of our key programmes. Our aim is to call attention to the issue of children and their relationship to our museums. Since this will be the first time that these questions will be addressed in Africa at a global level, we are working hard to ensure that the workshop will be successful.

The Secretary General will in due course send details of the workshop to our members and other interested organizations. In addition, we have plans to hold special CAM lectures in the United Kingdom and possibly Canada in 1997 which will enable us to offer service to our members in these countries. I am pleased to report that programmes are being worked out for other regions of the Commonwealth in consultation with our members there.

I appeal to all our members to write regularly to our Secretariat in Calgary, Canada; write articles and report activities in their museums for our Bulletin. It is enriching to read about your various activities and programmes, given our uniqueness as a cultural group. It is our intention to publish our CAM Bulletin regularly and we need your support to achieve this.

Finally, I assure you that your President and the Executive Council will continue to work to make our CAM an organization of which we will all be proud to be members.

We will be service oriented, we will be innovative, we will aim at encouraging professional excellence in our museums and we will serve with honour and humility.

That is my pledge; it is our collective pledge as a group.

Emmanuel N. Arinze