Mobile Museum Program of National Museum, Botswana at Ditshegwane Village (Study Tour visit, 1995) CAM workshop delegates in Guyana with the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, The Honourable Gail Texeira, 1999 Delegate display at GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997 Tswaing Crater, South Africa, 1995 Jennifer Wishart (left), Emmanuel Arinze, Jenny Daly at Museum of African Art, Georgetown, Guyana CAM delegates at the Tswaing Crater Interpretation Centre, South Africa, 1995 Children's dance troupe, Ditshegwane Village, 1995 Charity Namukoko Salasini, Zambia with child guest, GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997
Bulletin Number 2 - Feb. 1996
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Museum Development in Sub-Saharan Africa May 30 to June 1, 1996 at ICCROM, Rome Workshop Report
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CAM Bulletin Number 2 - Feb. 1996

News Briefs

New Members

We welcome the following members who have joined in the last year: Sarah Mothulatshipi. Makgolo Makgolo, Patrick Kollars, Tickey Pule, Stella Rundle, Catrien van Waarden, Botswana; Grazyna Zaucha, S.M. Siachoono, Zambia; Lydia Koranteng, Ghana; Joseph Eborieme, Violeta Ekpo, kJ. Alagoa, Nigeria; Gerald Corsane, Gjyn Balkwill, J.J. Basson, Gillian Berning, Graham Dominy, Gordon Metz, Udo KüseI, O.M. Kinahan, V. Modise, Gauteng Provincial Museum Service, South Africa; Margaret Birtley, Monica Leahy, Bernice Murphy, Australia; Vera Hyatt, U.S.A. (Jamaica); Stephen Williams, Zimbabwe; Carol Beatty, Gail Rydman, Marsha Regensburg, Canada; David Boston, Jenny Orani, England; Michael Mbago, Lucina Shayo, Felista Meshili, Tanzania; Clement Maziya, Swaziland; Omar Bwana, Kenya; Alda Costa, Mozambique; Esther Moenbolah, Namibia; Ulrike Hertel, Western Samoa.

Member News

Our Past President, Sadashiv Gorakshkar, Director of the Prince of Wales Museum of Western India, retired from that position on May 31, 1996, after thirty-two years, twenty-two of those as Director. The success of his work in making the museum a place of prominence and importance in the life of that city is indicated by the tributes in recent articles devoted to recognizing his achievements in Bombay and as one of the museum leaders of India. Under his tenure, he was happy to be able to see the museum change from an object-oriented institution to a community-oriented one. He continues his involvement with the museum as a Trustee but will channel his efforts in a different direction in the village of Bhatsai about two hours away. We are confident that he will benefit his new home with the energy, knowledge and dedication that he has shown in his museum career.

We congratulate another CAM member, Dr. Kalpana Desai, who becomes the new Director of the Prince of Wales Museum. We look forward to her closer involvement with the Commonwealth Association of Museums and wish her much success and pleasure in her new post.

Distance Learning Program

Five new members have enrolled in the Distance Learning Program. They are Clement Maziya, Swaziland, Rose Nkaale Mwanja, Uganda, Stalin Rundile and Catrien van Waarden, Botswana, and Voti Thebe of Zimbabwe. They join Roderick Ebanks of Jamaica in progress. We wish all of them enjoyment and success in their studies.