Opening of "Pasifika: Island Journeys." Museum of Anthropology, June 2003 Children in African Museums, First GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997 (NMK) GCAM delegates at Olorgesaillie Archaeological Site, Rift Valley, Kenya, 1997 Dance Troupe entertaining delegates, GCAM workshop, Nairobi, 1997 Education Officer, Peggy McGeary and CAM intern, Caroline Lanthier. Presentation on Holetown Museum, Barbados, 1999 Delegates in discussion, Liverpool, 2003 Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, 2000 Northwest Coast Totem Pole, Museum of Anthropology
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Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation 1807 - 2007
Resources, Research and Education in Caribbean Museums

Sunday, September 9th Saturday, September 15th 2007

Organized throught the National Museum of the Bahamas, the Commonwealth Association of Museums, and UNESCO

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Arrival Day: September 9, 2007
Departure Day: September 16, 2007


Conference hotel in Nassau, Bahamas


Conference hotel in Nassau, Bahamas - Wyndham Nassau Resort
Accommodation expenses are about $140 US per night single or double, plus taxes. Double will have an additional resort service charge for the second person.

Transportation from the airport and return and locally will be provided. Some meals (several lunches) will be provided along with an opening reception, a workshop dinner, a Bahamas night, closing lunch and excursion day lunch. Additional meals will be breakfasts and about four dinners and lunches throughout the week.


Air fare return to Nassau, hotel and individual requirements for 7 days plus parts depending on air schedule.

Registration, Application, and Funding

Registration is limited. No registration fee for those from the Caribbean. $100 U.S. for those coming from outside the Caribbean. Individuals from northern South America, or Central America are also exempted.

Please indicate your interest in this workshop as soon as possible by writing a letter, and sending one page describing education and museum experience. DEADLINE: July 30, 2007. You may still register after July 30 if there is room.

For those seeking funding assistance, please indicate the contribution your museum can make to your participation. Criteria for selection will include:

Participants are strongly advised to seek their own funding; CAM will assist by providing letters of invitation and support; a small amount of support is available from CAM and until more funding is obtained, it is restricted to Commonwealth delegates.

Draft Program

Sunday, 9th September


Part 1: Children's Voices in Caribbean Museums


In 2005, a group of representatives from several Commonwealth Caribbean museums met in Barbados at the Barbados Museum & Historical Society to discuss the status of children's museum education programming in the Caribbean. Discourse was based on a survey done by a CAM intern at the Barbados Museum sponsored by the Canadian Department of Heritage Program: Young Canada Works, Building Careers in Heritage. Significant information was also provided from the Children in African Museums Programme which has held three workshops on the topic of children and museums.

The title of the workshop refers not only to the number of visitors to Caribbean museums that are children but also to the question of whether the needs, opinions, expectations and thoughts of children are addressed from the beginning of programme development for children through to evaluation. Children's programming includes not only school programmes but leisure time activities, family programming and some general public & community events.

The opportunity for this collaboration of process and content enables a workshop on children's programming (education in Caribbean museums) along with attention to resources and research related to a very prominent theme among museums in the Caribbean and the UK: commemorating the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade in 1807. Workshop participants are invited to participate in the workshop and seminar from Sept. 10-15 and will be using the same theme to review and enhance the processes for developing programmes in the workshop and learning about the research and resources available through current activities.

The workshop will also consider effective collaboration with children, educators and the community. A strategy will be developed to stimulate and share ideas, programmes and resources for children and museums in the Caribbean.

View the Children in Caribbean Museums (GCCM) Draft Declaration here

  1. To examine what it means to be a children friendly and family friendly museum within civil society in the Caribbean
  2. To explore and set down the steps in developing child-centred programming that involves children, parents, teachers (and the education infrastructure), elders and the community and responds to their needs and expectations.
  3. To develop a potential program on slavery, emancipation and independence and other themes for use by participants
  4. To further establish the Group for Children in Caribbean Museums (GCCM) and examine its role among Caribbean museums
  5. To determine GCCM's strategy, partners, structure and future plans.
Outcomes and Outputs
Monday, 10th September
Tuesday, 11th September
Wednesday, 12th September

Part 2: Slavery, Abolition and Emancipation, 1807-2007: Resources & Research

Thursday, 13th September
Friday, 14th September
Saturday, 15th September
Sunday, 16th September


For further information, expressions of interest, and registration, contact

Lois Irvine,
Secretary General,
Commonwealth Association of Museums,
P.O. Box 30192,
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