GCAM delegates with Cowrie Circle Member, Dr. Richard Leakey, Kenya, 2001 (NMK) Children's Programs at the National Art Museum, Maputo, 1999 (Jennifer Fredrickson) CAM Delegates on tour, "Global Vision, Local Mission", Liverpool, 2003 Funda Community College, Arts Centre, Soweto, South Africa, 1995 Museum of Natural History, Maputo, Mozambique, 1999 (Jennifer Fredrickson) Merseyside Maritime Museum, Liverpool (National Museums Liverpool), 2003 GCAM delegates on tour, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya, 2001

Organizational Structure

The Commonwealth Association of Museums is a professional association accredited to the Commonwealth and an NGO, non-governmental organization, active in the world of museums in the broadest sense. The Commonwealth Association of Museums, also known as CAM, is an affiliated member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) and conforms with the Statutes of ICOM. Members that qualify as members of ICOM are accepted into CAM by authority of the Executive Council of CAM and associate non-voting members who support the objects of the association may also be accepted.

The Commonwealth Association of Museums is incorporated under the authority of the Canada Corporations Act and the following by-laws, also referred to as By-Law Number 1, have been adopted by a resolution of the Executive Council and confirmed by an ordinary resolution of the members, in conformity with the Act. It was incorporated as a Corporation without Share Capital (non-profit corporation) under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act in January 2003. The reference number of the association is 413924-1 and Canada Corporations Act is administered by Industry Canada.